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Info & Specifications

Years of Kiwi design and development have gone into creating the innovative range of Aquapole™ Stainless Steel Showers.

The key design feature is; the stainless steel shower slide, hand piece, mixer and plumbing are all integrated into a single unit. This means the usual in-wall plumbing is no longer required. Can be used in a tiled or wet area bathroom. Being 316 stainless steel it can also be used as an outdoor or poolside shower.

The simplicity is both aesthetically pleasing and practically useful. This design approach means that the Aquapole™ frees up bathroom design of wet area and tiled shower spaces and creates stylish, minimalist, easy to clean, open space.

Aquapole™ Stainless Steel Shower System Benefits:

  • Frees up wet area and tiled shower design! Look at ours or design your own
  • Obstruction free, clear walls make for a cleaner's dream
  • Plumbed from ceiling or floor - no risk of in-wall leaks
  • Place the shower near a recess opening
  • Comes plumbed for easy installation
  • Durable stainless steel, stylish & strong - built to last
  • Water direction is towards the wall with wet area or tiled showers- doors/curtains are optional
  • Great for renovations and DIY installations
  • Made from stainless steel and DR brass (excluding hose and hand piece)
  • Does not compromise soundproof or fire walls
  • Accommodates the tallest adult to the smallest child
  • Robust Stainless Steel slider suitable for prolonged commercial or home use
  • 316 Stainless Steel make it suitable for an outdoor or poolside shower

NZ designed and manufactured - 5 Year Warranty. (excludes rose and hose)



Single Mixer Shower Valve

Designed exclusively for Aquapole™  and to comply with the future requirements of AS/NZS3718

  • Water temperature maximum 65˚
  • Water pressure maximum  650 kpa
  • 40mm Cartridge

Allows you to effortlessly adjust water flow and temperature with finger touch control.

Model No. KSV2

Stainless Steel Shower Slider

Unique construction to withstand years of constant use.

Crafted from stainless steel.

Adjustable slider caters to all heights for a pleasurable shower.

Model No KSS2

Click to download or view Aquapole 5 year Warranty


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