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Latest Design - Aquapole™ Freefall Shower.

This option is as the name suggests - a freefall shower. It is attached and plumbed through the ceiling and can be positioned to suit any bathroom design. It does not make contact with any walls or the floor so makes cleaning amazingly simple with no obstructions.

This is the perfect option if you love our design but have a shower cubicle.

Aquapole™ is crafted from stainless steel. The key design features are; the stainless steel shower slide, handpiece, mixer and plumbing are all integrated into a single unit. This means the usual in-wall plumbing is no longer required. Can be used in a shower cubicle, tiled or wet area bathroom design.

The simplicity is both aesthetically pleasing and practically useful. The design approach utilises ceiling plumbing so it requires no in wall plumbing, which provides endless possibilities for bathroom design. Aquapole™ Shower System frees up bathroom design of wet area and tiled showers and creates a stylish, minimalist, easy to clean shower space.

The Aquapole™ has been manufactured to the highest quality standard and has a 5 Year Warranty (excluding hose & rose)

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