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David and Jo's Dual Shower

David and Jo's Dual Shower

We saw these advertised at the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell, and loved the clean look, and they way they came from the ceiling and kept all the plumbing away from the walls. They were easy to install, the pressure is great (with 3 settings), and look fantastic in our ensuite. We are very happy.

Many thanks

David and Jo

Alan & Lyn

Alan & Lyn

Hi Barry
Finally got the Aquapole showers installed in our new home. Words to use to describe them - fantastic,brilliant,bloody awesome, only something a Kiwi could come up with.
We are over the moon with them.



Alan & Lyn

Bill & Marion

Bill & Marion

Hi Duncan.
Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the Aquapole Showers we installed in our new house. As well as the obvious things such as ease of cleaning and the modern minimalist lines, we love being able to turn the shower on and adjust the temperature without having to get soaked and uncomfortable at the outset. Being able to do all the pre-shower tuning whilst standing outside the unit is wonderful.
Cheers Bill Savage

Gary & Rae

Gary & Rae

Our aquapoles look fantastic whilst being robust, extremely well constructed and a practical solution to not getting wet until you hop into the shower. An ideal solution for a larger showering space.

Mark & Lilian

Mark & Lilian

Our Aquapole shower is great and we love showering with a view of the Tasman Sea. Very easy to clean.
Mark & Lilian.

Kate Fardell

The Aquapole Shower arrived yesterday and has been installed by the plumber this morning.

We both think it is wonderful. It looks great insitu and works very well. It is exactly what I was wanting - thank you so much.

I have just this morning had some complimentary remarks made to me about your showerpole from tradespeople on the property.

I am really delighted with the Aquapole shower.

Kate Fardell

Graham & Denise

"Aquapole Shower works exceptionally well and gets rave comments from all viewers and users. Prompt and obliging service from supplier."
Graham & Denise Rogers.
Golden Bay.

Stations Inn - Hokitika

Stations Inn - Hokitika


We have the Aquapole accessible installed in our motels. We have a tiled wet floor bathroom and love the fact that it is an all in one shower system. The stainless steel looks stylish and is very easy to clean. The slide is very robust which is important in the hospitality industry but would also suit being in a private home.
Hugh & Glenda Little

Tony & Allie Sullivan

We are very pleased with our Aquapole. It looks very modern yet classic. It works well too.
Tony & Allie Sullivan.

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