Aquapole News Feed Aquapole Barry's spreading the News has hit the news paper.<br /> <br /> Take a look.<br /> <br /> <a href=""></a>1489921200's spreading the News Summer is Coming summer is coming and there are a lot of lucky people getting ready to install their Aquapole Outdoor Showers. <br /> The team at Aquapole have been busy making and packing these.<br /> If you are ready for yours or want any more information you can contact us <a href="/pages/2/Contact" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">right here</a>.<br /> <br />1447326000 is Coming Have a look at Archipro a look at this great website<br /> <a href=";Category=&amp;Search=&amp;EndPoint=%2Fproduct-collection%2Fcategory"></a><br /> You can access and store all your designs and designers for your building, renovation or redecorating project - Including Aquapole <br /> <br /> <br />1429012800 a look at Archipro Just released - the Aquapole™ Freefall Shower option is as the name suggests - a freefall shower. It is attached and plumbed through the ceiling and can be positioned to suit any bathroom design. It does not make contact with any walls or the floor so makes cleaning amazingly simple with no obstructions.<br /> <br /> This is the perfect option if you love our design but have a shower cubicle.<br /> <br /> Click here to view the <a href="/pages/13-14/Aquapole-Freefall" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:14">Aquapole Freefall</a>.<br /> <br />1411473600 released - the Aquapole™ Freefall Shower Winter is upon us winter is here - If you have an alternative heat source for your winter hot water heating, it is a good time to check your tempering valve is working correctly.<br /> The water at your tap should not exceed 55⁰.<br /> <br />1399896000 is upon us Loving Summer a look at this link:<br /> <a href=""></a>bioluminescent-beach-maldives/Glowing Tides. <br /> <br /> A beach in the Maldives is lit with tiny bio-luminescent creatures washing up on its shore - beautiful.<br /> <br /> <br /> We have just released our new look <a href="/files/227/file/Aquapole-Brochure-Final-2014-pdf" data-object-ref="attachment:23">brochure</a> with some new fabulous new Aquapole Photos - take a peak.<br /> <br />1392548400 Summer Merry Christmas the team at Aquapole<br /> We wish you all a very happy and safe festive season.<br /> Let us know if you find yourself at a function with an outdoor Aquapole - we would love some summer photos to add to our page.<br /> Merry Christmas<br />1387537200 Christmas Trends Magazine - Aquapole Feature you get to see our Article in Trends?<br /> If not just follow this link <a href=""></a><br /> Happy Reading<br /> <br />1386500400 Magazine - Aquapole Feature Home Idea Centre Expo Christchurch great weekend at the expo in Christchurch. Pretty wet weekend so lots of people visiting and looking at all the amazing products available.<br /> If you missed us, the Aquapole display is available 7 days a week at the Home Ideas Centre on Manderville Street, Christchurch or 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland. <br /> You can contact us though the contacts page for any further information.<br />1376654400 Idea Centre Expo Christchurch